How to get 3000 free followers on Instagram Instantly

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These methods will help you get real 3000 free followers on Instagram instantly to people to your profile and are perfect for bloggers, small business owners, and aspiring influencers!

This guide will teach you 2 impressive tricks to gain Instagram 3000 followers fast.

No fake followers here.

Instead of wasting money on paid ads, try this method to attract real people who really want to see your kind of content on your profile.

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How to increase your Instagram to 3000 followers in 2022

The text reads How to get Instagram followers fast When I first started my new IG account, I used a few strategies to go from 0 to 1,000 organic followers in just 10 days.

For more information on how I did this, you can read this Ebook.


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It was actually very easy to hit 10,000 followers in 28 days:

* I followed the same Instagram post checklist every time I posted

*I chose strong images and wrote thoughtful captions

*I used companion apps for IG, including:

*Lightroom for creating high-quality edited photos

*Canva to Create Amazing Instagram Stories

*Tailwind and schedule Instagram posts to find strong hashtags

Best Method to get 10K Instagram Followers – 2022

In addition to the strategies mentioned above, I also set feed beauty standards and started creating content to engage followers.

These IG growth strategies helped me rapidly increase my followers from around 6,000 to around 15,000 followers in less than a year!
2 Secret Influencer Ways to Gain Instagram Followers Fast

Use the right keywords and hashtags

To attract followers, you have to be discoverable. Your name and username contribute to how you appear in search results and should be consistent with the handles you use on other social networks.

Using a relevant keyword as part of your name will result in more successful searches. You have 30 characters, so feel free to weave that keyword into your name field.

Create Cinematic Instagram Reels

For quite some time now, Reels (TikTok’s rival format) has been Instagram’s favorite kid.

The Instagram algorithm prioritizes the reels on the Explore page. These short videos also have their own dedicated tab in the app. There, users can scroll through an endless feed of reels, algorithmically selected to match their personal tastes and interests.

Thanks to Instagram’s efforts to bring the reels to as many users as possible, using this content format gives you the unique opportunity to reach people who don’t already follow your account.

Follow up on relevant accounts

When you follow an Instagram user who posts content similar to yours, they are likely to take a look at your feed in return. And if they are impressed, they will follow you.

Instagram will suggest who to follow in the “Suggested for you” section. If you’re using Instagram on desktop, you’ll find it among posts in the app or in your feed on the right side of your computer screen.

Another way to identify accounts that deserve a following is by clicking the three bars in the top right, then choosing to search for people. There, you’ll find a selection of relevant Instagram accounts compiled just for you by the Instagram algorithm. (Keep in mind that one of the factors that affect your credibility on Instagram is the ratio of how many accounts you follow and how many accounts follow you.)

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